Thursday 14 December 2017

Ghostly goings-on

Nursery Cross, where the ghost was sighted.
Nursery Cross, where the ghost was sighted.

THERE I was, watching a match unfold and within a few minutes a local taxi driver had the hair standing up on the back of my neck!

No, he didn't give the price of a fare to Swords or Oldcastle. This was a bit more frightening – a real life ghost story.

A number of years ago, he told me he picked up a couple of fares and they wanted to go out the Collon Road.

It was early morning and the day was pretty fine.

He drove out past the turn for Tullyallen and was heading on to the Nursery Cross and around by the bridge when he suddenly noticed a young man standing on the white line, staring in the window of the car as he passed.

He was shocked and asked his passengers 'did you see that?', to which they responded 'yes'. They also said they had noticed bandages on the young man's head.

The driver dropped his fare and turned around for home, slightly anxious about the journey back.

He had contacted a fellow driver to warn him about the figure in the road. However, the other driver said he had come across stories about the image before.

It is supposedly the spirit of a young man who died as a result of an accident at the bridge many years before.

'That image will live with me forever,' the taxi man told me. 'Some people have questioned me about it, but the other people in the car saw it too. It was some fright.'

Now I would love to know if anybody else has come across the 'Spirit of Nursery Cross'.

Drogheda Independent

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