Saturday 23 February 2019

Fate brings Jian Fei and family to town

Jain Fei Chen in her restaurant Fate on the beachfront at Bettystown. Credit: Paul Connor
Jain Fei Chen in her restaurant Fate on the beachfront at Bettystown. Credit: Paul Connor


JIAN Fei Chen and her husband Qiu recently moved to Bettystown to open new restaurant Fate, on the coast road. They are already settling in well with their two daughters, Selina, six, and Jessica, two.

' When I first came to Ireland it was only to improve my language skills. I did not think I would stay so long but I really like living here,' said Jian.

'People had warned me that Ireland has very wet summers but I have no complaints about this. Summertime in China is extremely hot and uncomfortable so I actually enjoy the Irish climate!'

Fei originally lived in Lucan, 'It was nice there, even though it is a very busy town and I liked it but I prefer living here, by the sea. At the restaurant we have large windows overlooking the sea and I love to look out at it. It is such a beautiful view and relaxes me while I'm working.'

Fei is enjoying most things about Drogheda. 'I think Scotch Hall is great and I go there a lot for shopping. I like the town centre too but find the traffic can be very heavy.

'That is the only complaint I have about Drogheda, otherwise I like living close to such a big town. Everything we need is close by, which is great.'

Fei travels back to China to visit family every sometimes but was trying to get a holiday visa for her mother.

'I tried to get my mother a visa but was denied. She would like to come to see her grandchildren but it is very hard to get a holiday visa for people from China. I am planning to try again this year and hopefully I will be successful. I would be delighted if she could come to visit us.'

While Selina is happy at school, Jessica is too small for playschool so Fei works around her as much as possible. 'I spend a lot of time with Jessica and when the restaurant is busy; I get a babysitter for her so she can stay at home upstairs, while I work downstairs.'

Although Fate is still quite new, things are going well for Fei and Qui. ' We have been quite busy since we opened. We had a New Years Eve party with a DJ, and it was a good night. We are also planning a Chinese New Year party on January 25th. We will have a Chinese buffet, champagne, sake and karaoke. I think it will be a great night and I am looking forward to it, especially when some of our customers get up to sing - that should be good fun!'