Thursday 19 September 2019

From teaching Irish classes in Canada to starring at Fleadh

Hubert Murphy

Drogheda's Fleadh experience got the thumbs up from four members of one of Canada's up and coming groups - Inn Echo - featuring Drogheda woman Gormlaith Maynes.

They appeared on stage at the Dome on Friday night, a remarkable journey seeing that they were only formed nine months ago - spending a lot of that time in a snow covered building on an island in Canada!

It all about by chance really. Gormlaith secured a position as an Irish teacher in a college on Prince Edward Island in Canada and following a music exhibition, they all met up and became a group.

Next, they were performing in Montreal and met Kieran Hanrahan from Ceili House and the subject of the Fleadh came up.

Gormlaith said she'd love to go back to Drogheda to perform and after a lot of emails - they got the gig!

They have spent months perfecting their style - which is a combination of everything from Irish to Scots to Jazz to classical - and the end result is Inn Echo.

Practice was pretty easy, they say. It began to snow late last October and didn't finish until May of this year.

'The winters are harsh over there,' admits Gormlaith, 'but it's good to be home.'

The group arrived on the Monday of the Fleadh and got into the spirit of things immediately.

'We had some great sessions in the pubs,' states fiddle player Karson McKeown.

'The place is great, very friendly,' adds another of the fiddle players, Tuli Porche.

Their gig at the Dome is the biggest occasion they've had so far but they hope it is just the start of their journey to big things.

They had played in various parts of Canada and have brought out a CD.

It features some classic works and all the tracks were arranged and produced by themselves. Jessie Periard is also part of the line up.

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