Friday 20 September 2019

The Drawda Sessions aims to follow up on Fleadh success

'The Drawda Sessions' is a brand new cultural and musical entertainment show, written and produced by Seán Ó Cearrúlláin MSc BSc PMP, Managing Director of SkyHigh Productions. It will launch on August 29 at The Mill and intends to 'pick up the baton after the Fleadh leaves.'

'"The Drawda Sessions" is our brand new format that will make outsiders in Ireland and abroad want to come here and visit us for the right reasons, and stay for a long time, recommend us to others and return once more because they only got a taste first time around,' the producers state.

They say is it a 'local exploration series that will entertain an international audience, while also raising cultural awareness, local talent, heritage and tourism hotspot, #TheDrawdaSessions is a home-grown professional entertainment format that will be created entirely in-house by local Drogheda Film and Television Production Company "SkyHigh Productions.

'As creators of the series, we have the team, knowledge, resources and skills at our disposal to not only pull off The Drawda Sessions to a broadcaster level of quality, but we also know how to market and connect our audience to Drogheda, making our audience your customers. We've been featured heavily in Drogheda's local community in the years we've been active. Recently we drew attention with the filming of our latest rock opera short film, "Stay", which aimed to highlight mental health awareness.

"The Drawda Sessions" will be unlike any other series Ireland will have ever produced. Personality and character will be key here to highlight everything unique Drogheda has to offer.

'All this will be done with Drogheda's musical and tourism scenes as a backdrop in each episode. Highlighting the amazing wealth of attractions Drogheda has to offer will be incredibly important for the series and show there's more to the town under the surface.

'One aspect of the series that will set it apart from anything else seen on TV will be the introduction of cross media technology that will allow the audience to engage with the show through their smartphones, making it a first for Ireland in terms of visual experience.

'We've created a unique opportunity for local and regional business to enhance revenue from tourism streams on an international level, meaning that distribution is not just local, regional or national, but on a global scale.'

They will be hosting a presentation on August 29th in the Mill enterprise centre.

'Not only have we technological advantages, but our team includes Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish and Irish speakers that will add flavour to the content with narration and subtitles in multiple languages. Combine that with international distribution into over 130 countries and our own specially created App for the show and you have a treasure trove of opportunity to highlight what we have to offer in Drogheda and kick everyone else to the kerb once-and-for-all!

'We present the local economy with an incredible opportunity to grow its revenue once the Fleadh is gone for good, and we won't be going anywhere!

'Join us on August 29th for a screening of the Pilot Episode of #TheDrawdaSessions and a wee presentation outlining what the program is and what it means for our business community as a whole.'

Drogheda Independent