Wednesday 15 August 2018

Serena shines on special night for Lourdes choir

The Lourdes youth Choir launched their new CD "Manus Salvus" (Safe Hands) recently.

In February 2017 one of their members was diagnosed with MS and as a way of supporting her, this CD was a venture the girls took on. It is a five track CD all pieces chosen by the member and her family.

The money raised through the sale of this CD will go towards treatment required during relapses and a donation in December 2018 to MS Louth.

Choir director Jackie opened the launch by saying "This has been a magical journey that started last summer. The idea went from strength to strength with the girls. The tracks were recorded last October and we are finally here this evening launching a special CD".

On the night of the launch the choir performed seven pieces to family and friends, Catherine McNicholas committee chairperson was master of ceremonies on the night.

The choir sang "With or Without you". They learnt the song during their summer camp in 2013 and the girls fell in love with it. Following this the choir performed- Bridge over Troubled Water which was the only track from the CD the girls chose to perform at the launch.

Following these performances, two of the youngest members of the choir who took part in the Schools Stars competition this year displayed their talent.

11-year-old, Orla McDermott came 3rd on the competition and she sang "Wings" which she performed at the semi-finals.

Following Orla - 9 years old Kleopatra Bruno played Tchaikovsky's "Old French Song". Kleopatra was awarded "The best instrument award of 2018" for her performance during the school stars' competition.

The choir returned to sing Panis Angelus accompanied by Maria Durnin. This followed with an uplifting rendition of Irelands Call where family, friends and special friends to the Youth Choir - The Drogheda Male Voice Choir, who gave up part of their practice for their upcoming trip to Rome to join them on the night, joined in the chorus.

The final piece on the night gained a standing ovation and not a dry eye in the church. It was a piece chosen by choir member Serena.

It is very special to her and she went to great lengths to obtain the lyrics from the singer songwriter, an American lady, who herself has MS. The singer relates her struggle with this condition which Serena is only too aware of. Accompanied by her friends in the choir Serena and the Lourdes Youth Choir sang "Impervious."

The choir thanked the parish and the LMETB who gave very generously towards the cost of the CD, and thanked Gerry Simpson for his time patience and expertise during our session in the studio.

The CD is available after all masses in the Lourdes church for the next few weekends, in both the Lourdes and St Peter's church or from any choir member.

Drogheda Independent