Friday 20 April 2018

Rock star is injured following art work collapse at school

A MUSICIAN with top rock band Featuring X was rushed to hospital after part of a heavy Christmas art construction collapsed on her while the band performed a pre-holiday gig for students in Greenhills College.

Gifted guitar player Dara Farrelly (18) suffered a head wound and a broken nose after the display crashed onto her towards the end of the session.

Ironically, she was celebrating her birthday and the audience were signing 'Happy Birthday' to her when the incident occurred.

Hundreds of students, who had been attending a Winter Wonderland Festival in the school gym, watched on in horror as the drama unfolded on the stage.

Teachers and students rushed to her aid and managed to get parts of the display off her before she was transfered to a waiting ambulance and brought to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for treatment.

Witnesses reported seeing a 'pool of blood' on the floor of the school gym following the incident.

The incident occurred on Thursday as the band entertained their fellow students. The group is made up of girls from Our Lady's College.

Dara is partnered in Featuring X by fellow students Niamh Sharkey, Eleanor Rogers, Sarah McLaughlin and Jenny McKeown, all of whom were shocked by the incident.

As a result of the accident a gig last weekend in Dublin had to be cancelled as the musician and songwriter wasn't fit enough to perform.

Drogheda Independent