Sunday 18 March 2018

Katie thrilled to have One Direction's Niall around for Christmas

Niall Horan's new home in Drogheda.
Niall Horan's new home in Drogheda.

I SEE there was a story about One Direction star Niall Horan fearing he wouldn't be able to get home for Christmas to Mullingar.

Well, here we have the exclusive picture, he ended up in Drogheda!

Thing is, it was only a giant cut out of the man, but it certainly made Katie Smith's Christmas.

I gave the Omni Sign image of the said Mr Horan a mention before Christmas and off went Roisin Clarke and bought it for her grandaughter, Katie Smith, as she was 11 on the 19th December too. Now I wonder where mum, Susan, is going to put the thing?

I think Niall should make a special visit to Moran's Terrace country and sign it for her.

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