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Filmmaker takes Twitter to new level

DEMI Moore is a fan, you can follow Stephen Fry every second of his day and its abbreviated witticisms and one-liner celebrity snubs are already passing into folklore.

But now Drogheda filmmaker Frank Kelly is seeking to find further meaning in Twitter with his latest documentary '140'.

'I signed up to Twitter to see what all the fuss was about, but dropped out after a day or two, as I just didn't see the point,' he explains.

'However, I began to wonder if there was some other way I could use the connectivity and synchronicity that Twitter-users experience, and I was inspired to create this feature-length documentary.'

'140' consists of 140 different filmmakers, each shooting 140 seconds of film that represents what connects the filmmaker to their home, and it will even include a marriage proposal!

'We all filmed our 140 second segments on Sunday afternoon, and I am just starting to get all the footage in now,' says Frank.


'The footage was all shot simultaneously, and I chose to do the canal walk with my dad and wife Maryann, it being Father's Day, so it was quite personal.'

The briefs for the other filmmakers was what it is that connects them to their home, whether it be a landscape, cityscape, a sunrise, a wife, husband, child, it didn't matter.

But it had to be captured in 140 seconds and at the same time as everyone else.

From Mumbai to Malaysia, the filmmakers all shot their footage in individual locations.

Although Kelly says he didn't purposefully seek out such geographical diversity, he is looking forward to the patchwork of footage that will result from it.

'It'll be interesting to see what themes come out of it,' Kelly says.

Frank expects to have a final cut of his documentary in the coming weeks.