Sunday 18 November 2018

Emma's sights on her 'New Horizon'

Annagassan singer Emma Cahill has a hot on her hands with her latest self-penned song 'New Horizon'. She tells Hubert Murphy about her inspiration, the goal of winning Eurovision and a dream gig with Nathan...

Where and when did your interest in performing begin?

My interest in performing began at a young age. I did Irish dancing and played the violin for years. I loved singing whenever I could. Traditional Music played a huge part in my family as my great grandmother Mary Anne Carolan from Hill of Rath, Drogheda, was one of the finest traditional singers in Ireland and a wonderful concertina player. I always seemed to have an ear for music but it wasn't until later in life when I decided to pursue singing and write songs.

You are an Annagassan woman and use the beach there in your videos. What does 'home' mean to you.

'Home' is something which means so much to me. I think especially because where I am situated it has so many wonderful memories for me as a child and continues to do so. I'm so fortunate to have grown up in a beautiful area in Salterstown, so close to the sea. I adore the outdoors so much and always appreciate the beautiful area. I get to walk and run along the sea most days and it's a perfect place for reflection and inspiration for songwriting. I don't think i could ever live away from the coast.

New Horizon is your first single to be released. It is self-penned, so what is the inspiration behind it?

The Inspiration behind my song 'A New Horizon' is my desire to write songs which give people hope and to maybe allow people to be inspired by the positive messages in the lyrics. I am a very spiritual person and I love to accumulate all the wisdom I have gained through reading and express them in songs. American Author Wayne Dyer has had a major influence in my life so I decided to create this ballad in memory of him. I also wrote this song in memory for all of our loved ones who have passed, I believe their love never dies and their presence lives on "On a New Horizon".

It has been a hit so far and has the potential to be really big for you. How well is it doing?

A new Horizon has done very well so far. I'm lucky to have wonderful support from the Country Music presenters who play my video regularly on Irish Country Music channels which do be shown on Sky. I have high hopes for this song to reach further afield in time.

Is it hard to get radio time?

It's quite hard to get Radio time from the major radio stations which is why im extremely greatful for our local station LMFM who play my song regularly. They are so supportive of local artists.

It is a big tempo change from your previous songs - such as Pretty Souls, which you also wrote. Can we expect to hear more like this?

It is quite different than my previous two songs. My first two songs were in the Country Music genre as I have always wanted to do some country music material as I am very familiar with the scene. I always see the Country Music bands live every week. However I always knew I would like to try out different styles in my singing and I absolutely love creating ballads. I love pop music also. You can expect to hear more like 'A New Horizon' I'm working on my new song early next year.

If a major established star wanted to record it - would you say yes!

If a major established star wanted to record my song I'd be only too happy to let them! I would love for New Horizon to reach as many people from around the world as possible.

If Nathan Carter asked you to go on a worldwide tour supporting him, would you say yes!

If Nathan Carter asked me do to a world tour with him! - of course I would love to. What a great experience that would be.! The craic would be great. He is a wonderful artist.

Are you strictly country?

I'm not quite sure yet as to what genre I can classify myself in but for now i am looking to write a few more ballads and who knows maybe even try something totally different!

Would you like to make this your career?

Yes, I would love singing to be my full time career. No better feeling than having a fulfilled career where you love what you do and earn money in meaningful ways.

When will we hear you next?

I'm in the middle of writing my new song and I hope to get recording it early next year. Another ballad.

Do you prefer writing or performing?

Writing songs or singing them ?! That is a tough one. I haven't had much experience with performing songs live so I would have to say writing songs and seeing them come to fruition is such an amazing feeling. But, that feeling of performing to a crowd up on stage is such a buzz. Being able to perform your very own song to a huge crowd. That's special. I don't do as much on the Country Circuit now. I really just enjoy writing material and composing melodies for now. But I would love to be involved with a band. I would love to sing with a wedding band.

Your favourite song?

My favourite song?! Tough one! There are too many! The Green Fields of France I adore. However I am a Eurovision fanatic and most songs I adore have been in the Eurovision. Most of my favourite songs are duets from it or powerful ballads. Rock and Roll kids is one of my favourites.

Your favourite singer?

My favourite singer?! Hmm. Too many different singers with different styles I love. I love Carrie Underwood.

The best way to relax?

Best way to relax is to go for my hour long walk around the block , looking out at the sea. I Love to meditate also and read!

What inspires you to write?

Life experience inspires me to write. If i feel passionately about something, whether its someone you love, something you lost, a dream yet to be realised, I love to put lyrics on it. Everyone relates to lyrics when wrote from the heart.

The best place you've performed?

I haven't performed in many big places yet but my best one would be the TLT Theatre in Drogheda where I performed for the Togher strictly come dancing.

The one place you'd love to perform?

One place I'd love to perform is at the Eurovision!! I visualise this one day! The Late Late show would be brilliant too.

The best piece of advice you've received in your career so far?

The best piece of advise I've ever received would be a wonderful quote from Wayne Dyer. "Dont die with your music still in you". . You are here to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself.

Five years from now - what's the dream?

Five years from now I visualise myself being a successful singer songwriter and performing around the world and winning the Eurovision ha ha! (Think big). I will always write music though for as long as possible.

 New Horizons is available for download on iTunes and all major online stores.

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