Sunday 19 November 2017

Ed Sheeran's big news at Jojo's!

Hubert Murphy

There were smiles all round in Jojo's on West Street on Ssturday as Ed Sheeran's concert roadshow 2018 proved well worth sleeping out for.

Big fans Megan McCann and Roisin Curran were top of the queue, arriving outside the West Street newsagents at 7pm on Friday evening.

A few more joined them overnight with more arriving around 6am on Saturday.

The Halifax born singer will be playing seven gigs, including two outdoors in the Phoenix Park in May of next year.

'The queue started to settle at around 10.30am, but we had people coming in all day', Liam Mullen from Jojo's stated.

There were problems with the online service and a lot of people just headed to the shop, which has had a Ticketmaster service for some months.

'It was busy but ran well. We did our best to get tickets for everyone', he added. 'It was the busiest concert we've had yet.'

Fans not only wanted Dublin tickets but were heading for Belfast and Galway too.

Drogheda Independent

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