Saturday 24 August 2019

Collon's Clare Cunningham will be next American country sensation

Hubert Murphy - The Diary

There is a part in Clare Cunningham's original song 'Eireann i mo Chroi' and you simply say yes - here's a lady who will be a star of American music in the future.

One time member of Swedish rock legends Thundermother, the Collon woman has ventured across the Atlantic to further her career and no better place than Nashville, Tenn.

Last week, she was playing The Live Oak and The Lost Paddy and that follows on a string of engagements in recent months in the world capital of country music.

This exposure is like a goldmine to her and one day the call will come and the world will be her very oyster.

What makes Clare Cunningham special is her work ethic. She wanted to be a music star from early on - and she'll get there.

She moved to Nashville more than a year ago and has made a huge impact, with plenty going on in the background.

She has worked with publishing companies, TV, commercials and film production,.

What she has is a unique voice - a rocker come country come Irish, everything to become a recording star.

Not only does Clare sing, but she's a songwriter too and boy can she write.

I believe she performs in Canada this month as well.

Clare left Collon a number of years ago, life taking her to London and Cardiff and then to Sweden where she performed with the all girl band 'Thundermother' - opening one show for Motorhead.

She toured everywhere with them.

But she had a dream of making it in the United States and headed off.

A self taught guitarist, she has a goal of releasing a Celtic album.

I heard a great quote from her recently -'music is not a job, it's my everything. If I didn't have music, I wouldn't have life.'

Clare has quite rightly said that she won't be 'boxed' when it comes to expressing her music and her self.

That gutsy attitude to life has gotten her this far - and it will get her to the top too.

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