Thursday 19 September 2019

Caoimhe's works of art are simply incredible

Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann

Dunleer based, Drogheda native and a major force on the arts scene in Dundalk - when it came to getting someone to promote all things local in a quite unique way, Caoimhe McCarthy was the obvious choice.

Most people will know Caoimhe by the title 'Little Twit' and that's a brand - christened by her father - that has served her well.

Especially for the 2019 Fleadh, Ken Barrett, who is looking after the merchandise for the event, commissioned something original for the event and approached Caoimhe and the rest was history.

She has produced three magical illustrations, depicting the region, the Fleadh, legends and how the likes of North Africa and the Vikings influenced our traditional instrument, the bodhran.

There are a limited number of the inages and they are being sold this week in the Fleadh shop, based in the former Choice store on West Street.

Caoimhe admits it was a tough few months getting the projects right.

'It's the biggest commission I've had and was great to get,' she states. 'I wanted to depict the multi cultural Drogheda and let people think about the passage of music into Drogheda and illustrate that.'

A former student of music, she only went into the arts world in recent years, but already her work is being acclaimed.

Chairperson of Louth Craftwork, she is actually associated with three different groups - 'it keeps my creative side going,' she admits.

A former musician as well, Caoimhe, from Highfield and then Beamore, hopes people enjoy her latest masterpiece.

Drogheda Independent