Saturday 18 November 2017

Bell wants tighter restrictions on bus bay parking at church

Alison Comyn

TIGHTER RESTRICTIONS have to be put on the bus bay in front of St Peter's Church, according to Cllr Paul Bell, who has called for it to be made a set-down area only.

He raised the issue at the February meeting of Drogheda Borough Council in an attempt to stop illegal parking and says more rigid enforcement of parking bye-laws must be enforced. 'Between vehicles loading, tourist buses and illegal parking, the two town buses are constantly having to set down and collect passengers in the middle of West Street, blocking it to traffic,' he explained.

'Of course we want to encourage tourists to visit the town, and no-one is stopping them from dropping off, but some are staying and with ample parking within walking distance, they should be encouraged to park elsewhere, and return for their passengers.'

Officials had argued that making it drop off only would mean tourist buses would not be able to park, and it would remain idle for large periods of time.

'Instead what we are getting is HGVs, cars and tourist coaches parked in an area designated for the town bus service, and it's being made redundant for the buses,' added Cllr Bell. 'This at a time when we are trying to encourage the use of public transport.'

He added that there are bus bays on Fr Connolly Way, Laurence Street and Dominic Street.

'I support the motion, as there has already been provision made for the tourist coaches, and the town service shouldn't have to share,' agreed Cllr Frank Maher.

'This wouldn't happen in O'Connell Street, and I would imagine tourists would be happy to walk through the town, as would all the cafes, shops and restaurants they would have the opportunity of visiting.'

Even Town Clerk Joan Martin said she shared the councillors frustrations. All councillors agreed coaches should drop off in West Street only, and use other areas to park, and Ms Martin said she would examine the bye-laws.

Drogheda Independent

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