Thursday 14 December 2017

Council apologises to Active Retired

The controversial crossing in Ardee.
The controversial crossing in Ardee.

Hubert Murphy

ARDEE Town Councillors have apologised to members of the Ardee Active Retirement for a 'misunderstanding' in relation to a recent discussion on a controversial pedestrian crossing in the centre of Ardee.

The matter was reported in early January in the Mid-Louth Independent.

Following the story, Mary Dunne from the group wrote to Town Clerk Joe McGuinness asking for a letter to be read at last week's town council meeting to 'correct and clarify some statements'.

The group was unhappy that some councillors said they 'had no input into this safety measure' and added that they 'were never consulted' and could 'only presume it was the active retirement group who were'.

The active retirement group said that a meeting took place in September 2010 in relation to making Ardee more age-friendly and seven town councillors attended as well as other interested groups. A submission put forward called for a pedestrian crossing on Castle Street/Market Street.

'The suggestions and ideas from Ardee Active Retirement, contributed to that consultation, were part of the very same submission that you, our town councillors and the other community groups, who took part in the consultation on that day, subsequently submitted to the Louth CC for their approval,' they said.

Cllr. Padraig McKenny, responding, said that 'at no time was the location of the crossing discussed with us', to which the other councillors agreed.

'There was great work done and maybe just one hiccup,' Cllr. Finnan McCoy added. 'This can be rectified.'

Chairman Fintan Malone said they did express concerns about the location of the crossing but were told it would be OK when the lights went up.

Cllr. McCoy felt that Louth County Council should move it while Fintan Malone said they would apologise to the active retirement for any misunderstanding' raised during the discussion.

'We don't blame them,' Cllr. Pearse McGeough said. He said it was maybe an age-friendly issue, but there was no fault of the Ardee group..

'We are delighted Ardee is an age-friendly town,' said Cllr. Dolores Minogue.

Engineer Padraig Judge said that the council are currently putting a plan together for relocating the crossing and it is hoped to have it ready for the March meeting.

Drogheda Independent

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