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Call for public to be briefed on new rules


Fair Street is one of the streets that will have a one-way pedestrian system

Fair Street is one of the streets that will have a one-way pedestrian system

Fair Street is one of the streets that will have a one-way pedestrian system

A public information campaign needs to be launched by Louth County Council to explain the new recommendations about the one-way pedestrian system in the town.

A new-one way foot traffic system comes into operation in some parts of Drogheda this week.

The aim is to allow people adhere to social distancing regulations.

The main features are that those walking up Shop Street and Peter Street from St Mary’s Bridge walk on the left hand footpath and those coming down the street, walk on the other side.

The same applies for Stockwell Street, keep to your left, Dominic Street, Duke Street, Fair Street,  Dyer Street, Laurence’s Street and William Street. Those on Narrow West Street are also encouraged to keep to their left, but West Street remains two-way on both footpaths.

Mayor Bell said that the first any of the Councillors knew about a proposal in this regard was via a Council “ZOOM” briefing on Tuesday of last week which was followed by an emailed map of the plan on Thursday. “According to the email issued by Council Phase 1 of the social distancing plan which involves placing plastic bollards being installed on some roadways in the town centre so as to widen the footpaths onto the roads North Quay and Laurence Street would be an examples.

‘Markings will also be sprayed on footpaths and roads clearly indicating which is a two way pedestrian walkway and which is single walkway. Council has also confirmed that businesses are aware of the works which have already commenced and are fully supportive of the initiative.’

But he says communication on the initiative and what is expected from the public is somewhat vague.

“I must first point out that the social distancing initiative whereby streets are identified for two way and one way pedestrian traffic is not legally enforceable so there’ll no tickets issued to citizens for walking down a one way street in the wrong direction.

‘The success of the initiative is totally dependent on the goodwill of the public and clear understanding that the initiative assists in defeating the COVID 19 virus. In this regard Council must publicly communicate and educate the public as to the expectations of the policy and confirm the support of medical experts.

‘This action must be taken immediately as works have already commenced. Without a clear communication strategy the public will become confused and will regrettably ultimately ignore the initiative which I feel would defeat the objectives.’

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