Tuesday 20 February 2018

Without Rangers SPL will descend into utter farce

WHEN it comes to Scottish football the majority of Irish people (south of the border we're talking here) are instinctively of a Glasgow Celtic persuasion.

It's not surprising then that there has been much mirth at the sight of Glasgow Rangers struggling to retain its place in the top flight of Scottish football. It seems likely that they'll lose that battle when the Scottish Premier League clubs gather today to decide upon Rangers' fate – most likely they'll end up in Division 1, but Division 3 could well be where they end up.

It's on one level totally appropriate that Rangers be severely punished for the way they've managed their affairs over the past decade – the phrase financial doping springs readily to mind – on the other it would seem to be a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face. Without Rangers the league will turn into a one horse race.

Who will care about a league where the winner is known before a ball is kicked?

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