Saturday 25 November 2017

Tottenham racing ahead of Arsenal and Chelsea

IF you'd asked me at the start of the season who'd be fighting it out for the last champions league spot I would have predicted a fight between Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham with Chelsea in third.

With last Monday night's defeat by Fulham Liverpool's odds of sneaking back into the top four would seem to have lengthened and while Arsenal are stronger than they looked in the opening weeks of the campaign they're still pretty much where we expected them to be – brittle, but classy and in with a shot of claiming the fourth spot.

Under Villas Boas Chelsea don't look in good nick at all. The high defensive line, the mileage in the legs of guys like Lampard and Terry the obviously reasons why, but with Drogba (not what he once was) and Torres (ditto) they're going to be there or thereabouts.

Which brings us to Tottenham. They're absolutely flying at the moment. A title challenge isn't beyond the bounds of possibility. It's third at least for them.

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