Thursday 26 April 2018

Time to question Kenny's ability

ROY Hodgson must be looking on at the situation in Anfield with a wry smile right about now.

If he was in charge and Liverpool lost 3-1 away from home to Bolton (a Bolton side much worse than last year's Bolton side by the way) then the affable Londoner's backside would be in the proverbial bacon-slicer.

His successor, however, is getting off lightly in comparison. There's one huge difference between the two men – one is Kenny Dalglish, the other isn't.

At the risk of getting considerable egg on our face here at The Week in Sport it seems the time has come to question whether Dalglish is actually up to the job anymore. Not so much because Liverpool lost and played pathetically, but because of Dalglish's post match rant at his players.

It's become increasingly uncomfortable to listen to Dalglish's post match utterings. The great man has spent more of the past couple of months cribbing and moaning about this and that than any of us imagined possible. The great messiah, the man who was going to turn around the glum atmosphere which has enveloped the club since the dog days of the Benitez regime, seems just as hangdog as Roy or Rafa ever were.

Then there's the substance of that rant against his players – and a year in and something like £100m paid out they are his players. It didn't sound like the type of thing a manager who's totally in control of what's happening and what he wants to happen would say. Even when Manchester United lost to City 6-1 Sir Alex Ferguson didn't lambast his players like Dalglish did at the weekend.

He went from a position of defending everything his players did to absolutely lacerating them overnight. That's erratic. That's a big risk. It could backfire badly.