Tuesday 23 January 2018

Eight year contract not so crazy after all

IT was, a lot of us assumed, a monumental folly. A monumental folly by a club and an owner known for monumental folly.

When Alan Pardew was handed an eight year contract it could only mean one thing – disaster. When twelve months into the eight year deal, it looked as though the wheels were falling off the wagon at Newcastle – from a top five finish to a bottom five finish the following year – it seemed a distinct possibility that the mangaer would be sacked.

The one thing holding the board back? That pesky eight year contract. It made it prohibitively expensive for the club to sack the manager. Buying out seven years of a Premier League manager's contract is no small change, even to a man as wealthy as Mike Ashley.

Nine months later with Newcastle back in the top six, after beating Manchester United, playing good football that eight year contract looks inspired. Perhaps more managers should be handed such long term deals, what better way to deal with chairmen's itchy trigger fingers?


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