Tuesday 16 January 2018

Chelsea real contenders for the Premier League

I'M not sure precisely what kept me from penning this piece earlier, but ever since the first weekend of this year's Premier League Chelsea have looked like serious contenders for the title to me.

It's hardly Nostradamus-like insight to suggest that the previous season's European Champions would be a good bet for a title run and yet there was something holding me back from declaring it openly. Perhaps, it was their terrible form in the league last year. Perhaps, it was the fact they let Didier Drogba (the most effective Premier League striker since Alan Shearer) go. Perhaps, it was the fact that one or two people scoffed at me when I suggested it.

Of course, they could turn out to be on the money and I could turn out to be hopelessly misguided (but that could never couldn't happen could it?). I just think that a team containing Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, Edin Hazard and Marko Marin will get enough goals to challenge for silverware.

The big worry has to be an injury to Torres – like Liverpool they would seem to have left themselves a little short in the striking department.

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