Monday 18 December 2017

Blatter will win and Platini will help him do so

MOHAMED Bin Hammam. Until about a week ago nobody had ever heard of him and after June 1 nobody is likely to again. Last week he announced he was challenging everybody's favourite bogey man – Sepp Blatter – for the Presidency of FIFA.

Blatter's tenure as FIFA's boss has been dogged by controversy – allegations of corruption have been widespread, while the recent decisions to give the next two World Cups to Russia and Qatar have, in the eyes of many, brought FIFA into disrepute. A good thing then to see him being challenged? In theory yes. Trouble is Mr Bin Hammam was once widely seen as Blatter's right hand man and was a key mover behind the Qatari bid for the World Cup. Not exactly the credentials you'd want for a man positioning himself as a white knight.

UEFA President Michel Platini has hopes of replacing Blatter in 2015 and following on from Blatter's statement that this would be his last election the former French great will swing in behind him.

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