Monday 19 March 2018

Arsenal find their Van Van Voom

THE Va Va Voom is back. Thierry Henry has finally been replaced. Robin Van Persie has always been good, but it wasn't until this year that he managed to bend Arsenal to his will.

Cesc Fabregas tried his best to step into King Henry's boots and become the living embodiment of Arsene Wenger's vision. He was brilliant. He was gifted. He was a joy to watch, but he wasn't all that Arsenal needed him to be. Van Persie is.

He's the lance or more aptly, given the precision with which Arsenal like to play the game, the scalpel that Wenger so badly needed to make his men tick. Look nobody's trying to say that Arsenal don't have problems still, but there's a certain swagger to their play now that hasn't been there – except maybe in patches here and there – since the Unbeatables.

Now there's a focus to all that lovely passing and movement. A focus that wasn't there when they were forced to rely instead on Nicholas Bendtner. That proves the point of those who suggest that Arsenal's revival might only be skin deep. Bendtner was in situ because Van Persie was injured as he so often tends to be. Fingers crossed it won't happen, but injury is never far away from the Dutchman.

With him fit the top four is back on.