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Sugrue says US Masters dream delayed not denied

James Sugrue's dream of teeing it up at the US Masters in Augusta is still definitely on track despite the season's first golf major falling foul of the Covid 19 lock-down.

After qualifying for the most prestigious event in the game, by winning the 2019 Amateur Championship, the Mallow golfer was well into his preparations for what would be the biggest day in his blossoming career only to find out by email that the event has been postponed until later in the year.

"All the information that I have received is just that had been postponed. I suppose that was a big relief to know it was just postponed and not cancelled," Sugrue said in an interview with the BBC.

"Obviously, if it was cancelled it would have been very unlucky for myself. I'm just delighted that it was postponed and hopefully it'll be up and running again sooner rather than later. Everything was booked, the flights and accommodation, including a lot of arrangements for my friends and family."

Sugrue may well be still tagged as an amateur, but the 2020 plan was to see the North Cork man turn professional in June, something that will now also need to be re-assessed by the champion golfer's team.

"Naturally, I think postponement is the correct decision. If it had been played behind closed doors, my family and friends would have missed out. I have the Memorial at the start of June and that's followed by the US Open.

"They have mentioned May [as a possible replacement date for the Masters] and playing then would be nice. I'd like it to be in the next month or so. Most golfers have grown up watching the Masters from a very young age.

"It's a great sporting event even for people who don't play golf. It's the biggest event of the year for the professionals so it's definitely my biggest event this year."

Fingers crossed that Sugrue and his team get the chance to play to a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions sooner rather than later as few that have seen the young star play would deny his undoubted power and class - attributes that would be right at home on Augusta's fairways.