Wednesday 21 March 2018

No shame in Murray's defeat

WHAT a cracking Australian Open final.

It swung one way. Then decisively the other as Novak Djokovic snuffed out the formidable challenge of Andy Murray.

It really was thrilling stuff. These were two incredibly well matched athletes going hell for leather over a four hour match. They traded game for game. It wasn't until the third set that there was a break of serve.

When it went Djokovic's way the momentum was firmly with him. To suggest that his victory was an inevitability would be to do Murray a disservice, however.

He won the first set after in a tiebreak. He played some marvellous tennis in that first tiebreak. Djokovic played the better tennis over the course of the set. Murray ended up winning it and with that victory he carried momentum into the second set where he played the better tennis. He had Djokovic playing defence.

Alas he failed to turn that advantage into something tangible as Djokovic won the second tiebreak. A two set lead for Murray at that stage would have been huge.

Those are the margins at the very top.