Sunday 25 February 2018

McGuinness claims don't pass muster

Cork manager Conor Counihan hasn't changed his starting 15
Cork manager Conor Counihan hasn't changed his starting 15

"IT isn't the end of the world for us. It doesn't make a difference for us. We don't really like the league to be honest," so said Jim McGuinness after Kerry's victory over Tyrone and Paul Mannion's last gasp equaliser condemned his men to relegation to Division 2 for 2014.

As justifications for failure go this was pretty weak. A slightly more sophisticated version of: we didn't want to be in your stupid league anyways.

In fairness to McGuinness he hasn't hid his disdain for the league all season. From an early stage he was talking dismissively about the prospect of a place in the semi-finals and was quoted as saying that relegation wouldn't be the end of the world were it to come. A self fulfilling prophesy then perhaps?

Certainly. Far be it from us to question his methods over the course of a season, but you really do have to wonder as to the wisdom of training the day before a must win game such as this. The Donegal boss admitted that the injury before half-time to ace marksman Colm McFadden was likely down to the intensity of their training last week.

If Donegal beat Tyrone in a couple of weeks time then he'll feel vindicated, but remember this: no Division 2 team has won the All Ireland since 2002. Could this be a case of short term gain and long term pain?


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