Friday 17 November 2017

Major track developments at Mallow

CORK Racecourse Mallow has already commenced an extensive track development programme aimed at improving the overall racing surface of the track, in order to deal wit, the ever changing conditions. The programme will run over three years and will be divided into top dressing and drainage.

The racecourse has recruited the services of John Souther, following a seminar he gave for the Turf Club on soil composition, and following extensive analysis of the soil throughout the track.

The intention is to top dress the track at least three times a year with sand, which will account for almost half the cost of the total project. The rest of the budget will go on a drainage programme. There was some drainage installed back in 1997, when the track re-opened, and some other sections were drained since then, but this work has not been integrated. For the improved soil structure to work at its best, a complete and fully integrated drainage system will be installed throughout the track.

Although weather conditions were far from favourable this year, they have begun the programme with top dressing, drains, and regrading of the inner moat. The programme will resume in 2013.

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