Wednesday 22 November 2017

Replay a blessing for the Connacht final

THIS has been a football championship sadly lacking in romance.

They don't write too many songs about crushing victories achieved by raging hot favourites and that's what we've had to sustain us week after week. Mayo crush Galway and Roscommon. Kerry crush Tipp and Waterford. Ho hum, move along, nothing to see here fare.

London's victory over Sligo was a little bit different. The exiles, the wild geese, had their day in the sun. Theirs is a story for our time. A story made possible by the economic meltdown. A story made possible by Anglo and all the other follies of our age.

It's a story which continued with a very fine game of football in Carrick-on-Shannon in front of a very respectable crowd for two sides with quite a limited support base. It ended in a draw and, while London will fear they missed their best chance ever of reaching the Connacht final, for the event itself a draw is the best possible result.

Another competitive game is precisely what the winner of the replay needs. It's not going to change the result – Mayo are going to win the final, put your house on it – but the replay should, hopefully, give its winner a better chance of making a real game of it against Mayo. For some length of time at any rate.

Romance, we're afraid, will be no match for the Mayo machine.


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