Sunday 25 February 2018

Nash not satisfied with his or Cork's performance

Anthony Nash, Cork
Anthony Nash, Cork

Noel Horgan

ALTHOUGH he made a crucial save in the second half, Anthony Nash wasn't entirely happy with his performance for Cork last Sunday.

The All-Star goalkeeper admitted what sticks in his mind most is an incident in the first half when he could have been responsible for the concession of a goal.

"A high ball came in, and I kinda got caught underneath it, but I was lucky that Shane (O'Neill) reacted smartly to clear it off the line. It was in keeping with our overall performance on the day I suppose, and we don't need to be told we have a lot of things to work on as a team.

"We were slow enough to get going, but then we kicked into the game, and we really took control after Patrick Horgan got his goal from a free. I thought we played some nice hurling for 15 to 20 minutes in the first half to open up the game, but our second half performance wasn't really up to scratch.

"I know it's early in the year, and we're training very hard, but when you go eight points up at half time, and you lose the second half with the wind behind you, it simply isn't good enough, and there's no excuse for it," the Kanturk man remarked.

He said it will be a case of going back to the drawing board to try and figure what went wrong in the second half, which he feels isn't possible to do straightaway after a game.

"We'll have to sit down during the week, and have a look at it again, and hopefully we can rectify our faults and improve on our strengths from today. That doesn't always happen overnight, but our aim is to improve with every game, which we haven't been doing in the league so far.

"It's hard to put a finger on why we're not playing as well as we can, but if we put the heads down during the week, maybe we can get things going after this, and obviously our intention is to drive on from here "

Nash is fully aware that, with the possibility of score difference coming into play, Cork have it all to do at the moment if they hope to pip Limerick in the race for promotion to Division 1A.

"It could well come down to that, but you can't really think about score difference going into a game, because if you do, you are taking your eye off the ball to a certain extent. The most important thing is to focus on trying to win, putting in a good performance that you can feel satisfied about, and just let the score take care of itself.

"We certainly won't be heading up to Antrim next week-end with the idea that it's just about winning the game by a big margin. Wexford barely came out of there with a win, and Antrim are a very good team playing at home, so we are under no illusions that they could make it very difficult for us."


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