Thursday 20 June 2019

All the skills and enjoyment of Gaelic football at Duhallow NS finals

Ballyhass NS celebrated their success at the Duhallow Schools Finals
Ballyhass NS celebrated their success at the Duhallow Schools Finals

The skills of young football were on parade at the Duhallow National School Finals hosted at a glorious Knocknagree.

Great team work and scores from boys and girls enthralled parents and spectators, the highlights saw double delight for both Dromagh and Kiskeam with Ballyhass, Cullen, Derrinagree, Lismire, Knocknagree, Millstreet and Tullylease adding popular wins. Organisers thanked schools for their support and paid tribute to the referee panel comprising Denis Hickey, Danielle Brosnan, Beatrice Casey, Aine Breen, Rachael Carroll and Kenny Cronin.

Boys Finals

Ballyhass 5-15  Newmarket 1-10

A highly impressive Ballyhass had matters pretty much their own way on fending off a gallant Newmarket in the 15-a-side Final. The winners played impeccably all through, bringing a terrific workrate that had Newmarket under pressure. Right from the off, Ballyhass operated with a visible confidence throughout the field, slick moves earned goals for Max O'Sullivan and Barry O'Driscoll. At times, Newmarket showed an ability to break from under the pressure, goalkeeper Eoin Goggin brought off great saves before Cathal O'Riordan netted. Still Ballyhass held the upperhand, picking off scores in a calm and organised run to the full time whistle.

BALLYHASS: S Gezjak, J O'Neill, R Malone Hegarty, C Jones, J O'Riordan, D Bradley, C Taylor, M O'Sullivan, C Cronin, J Rahilly, J O'Riordan, B O'Driscoll, P Bowler, R O'Leary, J Quill, C Twohig, G Vaughan, M Lynch, E Hourigan, O O'Callaghan O'Leary, J Noonan, J Brennan.

NEWMARKET: E Goggin, C O'Leary, K Saville, D O'Donovan, B O'Keeffe, D Weathers, C Lehane, C Saville, A O'Donovan, K Lynch, C O'Riordan, A McCarthy, C Kelly, A Buckley, G Fleming, F Lane, R Weathers, J Maher, P McCarthy, C Roche, D Kelly.

Cullen 4-12 Derrinagree 3-6

Cullen survived a terrific second half onslaught from Derrinagree to gather the spoils in a thrilling 10-a-side Final. Both sides were backboned by strong defences, the Cullen rearguard especially imposing so much that the Derrinagree attack found it difficult to create inroads when the game was up for grabs. The victors stamped their authority on the game at key stages, rewarded on goals netted by team captain Kieran Duggan and Donncha O'Leary. Credit Derinagree on igniting a revival, their hopes raised from a run of well worked scores. Crucially Cullen managed to hold their nerve in the face of mounting late pressure to land the accolades.

CULLEN: C O'Riordan, S Moynihan, D Morley, F O'Dwyer, J Hickey, K Duggan, L Hickey, M Hickey, J Linehan, D O'Leary, H Moynihan, C Philpott.

DERRINAGREE: A Healy, T Meaney, F Murphy, B Murphy, S O'Leary, E O'Riordan, J Pudelko, P Kiely, L O'Keeffe, O O'Keeffe, R O'Keeffe, F O'Riordan, D O'Sullivan, C Carver, J Kelly, T Kelly, D Kiely, W McCarthy, C Murphy, S O'Flynn, P O'Keeffe, D O'Leary, M O'Mahony.

Kiskeam 5-11  Ballydesmond 3-7

A strong opening half provided the platform for Kiskeam to get the better of Ballydesmond in the 9-a-side Final. Two well prepared teams gave it their all, no quarter asked or given and the intensity on display made this a game to remember. From the opening half, Kiskeam triggered off a devastating burst to put daylight between the sides with goals from McCauley and T J Cronin helped take a 3-5 to 0-3 interval advantage. Ballydesmond cranked up the intensity, Barry Collins and Thomas Myers netted goals yet Kiskeam held enough in the tank to pull through.

KISKEAM: T J Quinn, SD O'Sullivan, C Collins, E Collins, C J Cremin, D Murray, C Brosnan, P O'Callaghan, M Cronin, T J Cronin, J Hurley.

BALLYDESMOND: K Grubiac, O Buckley, R Linehan, T O'Leary, B Collins, T Myers, J Buckley, D O'Leary, D O'Connor, E O'Riordan, J Murphy, C O'Rourke, T Keane

Lismire 5-9  Lisgriffin 5-6

An enthralling boys 7A final allowed Lismire surface to the fore in a fascinating encounter against Lisgriffin. This game packed with entertainment and the issue remained in doubt right up to the last kick. Right from the start, Lisgriffin Adam Long and Patrick O'Neill delivered goals for 4-3 to 2-4 advantage at the break. That presented Lismire with a massive test of their resolve and the response was compelling, Donagh Linehan, Conor Noonan and Alex Collins fired home goals. The outcome went right down to the wire, those in attendance were kept in tentherhooks before Lismire held out for a narrow win.

LISMIRE: C McGaharan, G Finn, B Murphy, D Linehan, C Noonan, C Hobbs, A Collins, C Sheehan, M Hayes, L Keane.

LISGRIFFIN: C Cole, S Smith, J O'Neill, R Long, J Spratt, A Long, P O'Neill, C Smith, S Hegarty, C Barrett.

Dromagh 3-9  Cloghoula 4-3

Dromagh were made to work by Cloghoula to a terrific 7B Final. At key stages, Dromagh performed impeccably, bringing a high workrate to their game that put Cloghoula under pressure. The winners intent surfaced from goals netted by Brian Philpott and Jack Buckley. To their credit, Cloghoula began to apply pressure of their own, Eamon Guiney instilled confidence with a blast of scores. Crucially, as soon as Cloghoula threatened, Dromagh repelled the challenge, holding the balance and the firepower to collect the dividends.

DROMAGH: D McAuliffe, D O'Sullivan, C Daly, B Philpott, N Tarrant, R Murphy, J Buckley, J Davidson.

CLOGHOULA: E Moynihan, R Stanley, P Gilbourne, E Guiney, R O'Sullivan, C Black, M O'Donoughue, L Ryan, S Hickey, G Moynihan.


Girls finals

Knocknagree 2-11 Kilbrin 2-1

Knocknagree delivered a stylish display to better Kilbrin in the 12-a-side Final. Apart from a few brief spells, Knocknagree always looked the more formidable side, playing comfortable within themselves. Kilbrin had given it a right rattle yet they had little answers to the more clinical shooting of the Knocknagree girls. Indeed Knocknagree were really tuned into what they were doing with Emma Daly and Abbie Herlihy netting a pair of goals. All through Kilbrin kept up the chase, Ciara Mullane and Erika Brosnan encouraging their colleagues yet Knocknagree were determined to avoid a tight situation.

KNOCKNAGREE: A Lenihan, E McSweeney, K Cotter, E Fleming, S Nolan, A O'Mahony, E Daly, M Moynihan, E Devitt, K Brosnan, A Sheahan, A Herlihy, R Fitzpatrick, K Murphy, E McSweeney.

KILBRIN: L Hayes, E Heffernan, C Buttimer, A Crowley, S Shiell, A O'Sullivan, C Mulane, K O'Reilly, E Brosnan, L Scully, A Shanahan, A O'Reilly.

Derrinagree 4-9  Lyre 2-1

A powerful attacking performance helped Derrinagree overcome a brave Lyre in an entertaining 10-a-side B Final. No disputing the merits of success for a shaper Derrinagree, deserving their success if only for the manner in which they refused to be ruffled after Lyre threatened to snatch the initiative on a number of occasions. From the off, Derrinagree took a grip on the proceedings, Danielle O'Riordan, Tara Carver and Evelynn McCarthy leading by example to deliver telling goals. Lyre grew in confidence with decent scores yet Derrinagree possessed the better movement going forward to complete a satisfactory outcome.

DERRINAGREE: N O'Keeffe, D O'Riordan, T Carver, E McCarthy, E Rainsford, A Murphy, C Maliza, M Flynn, E O'Mahony, K O'Keeffe, C O'Connor, E Healy, C Murphy, E Sheahan, A O'Riordan, U Vaughan.

LYRE: R Leszec, A O'Dwyer, L Murphy, L Casey, G O'Neill, F Larkin, M McSweeney, N Ring, O Brennan, N Berrigan, L Lane, S Casey, A Casey, S Connolly.

Millstreet 5-5  Newmarket 3-7

Millstreet summoned up a spectacular comeback to overcome Newmarket in a cracking 15-a-side Final. Delightful scores formed the foundation of a great contest laced with excellent passages of football. Early on, Newmarket looked really good and with Kate O'Connor and Kate Angland in goal scoring form, they chalked up the scores to lead by 2-2 to 1-1 at the break. However Newmarket were thankful to 'keeper Danielle O'Connor for her timely interventions to deny the Millstreet attack. Millstreet raised their level of performance to cleverly work their way through the channels for Blaithín Dennehy, Clara Cashman and Caoimhe O'Mahony net goals to put daylight between the sides.

MILLSTREET: L Corcoran, A Mokola, M McCarthy, L Daly, K O'Brien, F Akinbote, A O'Riordan, B Dennehy, A Casey, P Jaskowska, C Cashman, L O'Sullivan, A Mohammad, C O'Connor, C Twomey, K O'Sullivan, C Lehane, R Collins, Evie O'Leary, L Daniels, Ellie O'Leary, E O'Connell, K Buckley.

NEWMARKET: D O'Connor, A Roche, E Buckley, M Sheahan, E Kelly, S Fitzpatrick, E Casey, K O'Connor, S O'Flynn, I O'Connor, K Angland, S O'Sullivan, L Guiney, S Guerin, C Lenihan,

Dromagh 5-11 Freemount 4-6

Dromagh held far too much firepower for Freemount in the 7A Final, the winners showed more composure in their play and crucially more scoring options. Indeed Dromagh stamped their authority on the proceeding from the outset, Katie Ferms and Áine O'Keeffe posting goals for their side assume a comfortable advantage. Freemount rallied and gained a reward confirmed with scores to Rachel Morton and Shannon Ballentyne. However Dromagh drove forward with pace and precision, rewarded on further scores to secure a worthy win.

DROMAGH: L Perinate, K Angland, A Sheehan, A O'Keeffe, K Ferns, E Forde, M Lynam, G O'Connell.

FREEMOUNT: M Enright, L Vaughan, G Brennan, S Ballentyne, A Sheahan, E O'Flynn, R Morton, L Walsh, A Collins, S Murphy, L O'Sullivan, M Guiney, A O'Carroll, C Buckley.

Kiskeam 3-6  Kilcorney 2-5

Kiskeam survived a ferocious rally from Kilcorney to gather the spoils in the 7B Final. The way, Kiskeam went about their business was a source of delight for supporters with Shannon Fitzgerald, Aisling Lehane and Ailish Breen delivering goals. In fairness, Kilcorney provided a response, Meabh Buckley and Muireann Lynch amongst the goals. It made for an exciting finish as late on, Kiskeam withstood a barrage of pressure to collect the accolades.

KISKEAM: L Murray, E Angland, M O'Shea, A Cronin, S Fitzgerald, A Lehane, A Breen, A Moynihan, L Curtin, K Murphy.

KILCORNEY: N O'Regan, M Buckley, S Burke, A Bailey, M Lynch, J Farrissey, E Hickey, K Sheehan, H O'Driscoll, S Murphy.