Sunday 17 December 2017

What your sun sign says about you

LAST week saw mercury (planet of communication ) going 'direct'; it has been retrograde since March 11.

So watch out for what now needs to be relaunched re-scheduled, how decisions made in the last couple of weeks will now be tweaked or changed for a better option. Allow this to happen you will be the better for it. In my last article I promised you a look at the first six signs of the zodiac. These are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. I have already said you are much more than your Sun sign. A full birth reading will give you information about your personality, career, friends, travel, money, life purpose plus much more. ARIES: Aries sun sign is a fire sign: Impulsive (always in a hurry) wants to do many things at once (but don't always finish what they start). They need some kind of outlet for their energy, such as sport, walking or gardening, or it will become stagnant. They have courage and must be allowed to make their own way. Give them space and they will always return; tie them down with routine and it destroys them, variety suits them. TAURUS: A sturdy earth sign, these people make their way slowly (unless charging like a bull in a china shop) in a ordered way through life. They will have a plan and, for most, will stick to it (Hitler a case in point). They love beauty and are very sensual, love their food (think Henry VIII ) and love all thinks beautiful. They make wonderful chefs gardeners, sculptors; they like to turn what they can touch into beauty. Don't ever try to change their mind unless you have loads of time. GEMINI: Give them lots of small bite-size pieces of information and lots of room. They are the butterfly of the zodiac, flitting from one thing to another. They, as a rule, don't 'do heavy' ... they will chat and chat to you about almost anything. They are very clever and love tricks, any type of card games, and watch the rabbit vanish tricks (they want to know how it works). They can read very fast, a wonderful companion on a long haul flight. CANCER: Water, water everywhere ... you get the drift. These people are ruled by the Moon. They are deep and create their own emotional network. Ask them about their mothers and watch their reaction, it will tell you a lot. They need hugs but only in private. They like to talk about the past, or have something in their lives with a bit of history to it. They are deep souls. Their ambition knows no bounds. Sometimes they can be macho, even the women — don't be fooled, under that hard shell is a very fine person indeed. LEO: Leo is royalty, you are in good company. They are proud and willing to do your bidding, just on one condition — you have to say 'thank you'. They all shine in their own way (think Madonna, Sean Penn). They are masters of their craft and, surprise surprise, they are here learning how wonderful they are; strangely, deep down they don't seem to know that. Love them and praise them and they will be faithful and stand ten feet tall. VIRGO: Can they see the wood from the trees? Well, virgo can, and they can see each branch, leaf and root, as well. They like details and proven facts. They would not read an astrology column, probably, off course — the how and why interest them, perfection is their god. They are afraid of making mistakes, they need to learn to dream more. They are wonderful where attention to detail is important; they can point out what we all missed. Next time we'll look at Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarus, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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