Monday 19 February 2018

We've been ordered to pay without a say

Dear editor, I am writing this letter to voice my anger and the anger of many of my fellow working/self employed people and to highlight in this small way the great injustice which is being placed upon us.

We are forced to pay higher taxes at every possible angle, even stooping as low as taxing the home and water, two basic rights, whilst we suffer cutbacks in the most important public departments e.g Health.

And do not fall for the lie that all of this extra revenue, which they hope to generate from all this austerity (€12.4bn) is going to fund local services etc. It is this same amount which over the next number of years we are due to pay unguaranteed bondholders who took an unguaranteed risk.

I think the phrase 'ordered to pay without a say' would decribe it pretty well.

Never did I get the chance to vote to say I was agreeing to take on this private debt.

We are also fed the lie that this money is going towards the banks to provide loans to local business, as any self employed person will tell you there is no funding being given out, forcing many of these honest, hard working people out of business and, as a result, causing more unwanted unemployment.

These businesses and the people behind them, including the agricultural sector, are the backbone of our country/economy but yet are forced down with red tape and taxes/rates and levies.

We are a seriously over-represented country but yet are not being represented in the slightest. if we were being represented the politicians would tell the bondholders, from me, that I am not paying what is not my debt to pay.

From local government to the Dail (which we were told before last year's election would be cut by 20 TDS) and the Seanad (which the current government told us would be abolished altogether) as with the promise to burn the bondholders — none of this has happened.

Our very much out of touch politicians are also one of the highest paid in the world.

The people of Ireland need to stand up together and show the politicians that they are actually supposed to be working for us, which is the way a democracy is meant to work.

We need to get out there and join the many campaigns/protests or do what ever we can to change this very unfair and unfunctional system which our lovely country has become.

Regards M O'brien, Buttevant.

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