Wednesday 17 January 2018

Typical traits of your sun sign

IN two days time we will have a new moon. This is an excellent time to start something — you could think of it like pulling into a petrol station and filling your tank.

As the moon continues on its journey away from the sun it begins to shed its light as it builds up to the full moon in 15 days time. This new moon is in the sign of Taurus.

So look at what you want to build, give form to it in your life. Plant the idea now and watch it grow. Start something new.

Look at what you want to honour in your life. enjoy the bounty of life.

Last week I gave a brief outline on the first six signs of the Zodiac. now I will continue with the last six signs.

Firstly, however, I want to clear any confusion that there may be around Sun sign astrology.

People often ask me the question: How can a sun sign make you a particular type of person? Well, it doesn't. Look at it as you are a particular type of person and the sun sign indicates what type of traits you will typically have. LIBRA: This sign is represented by the scales of justice. Libra is what we call an air sign. It does not want to get bogged down with life, it wants relationships to be refined and fair; a very libra word. They make good ambassadors, mediators, they want to be fair, most of all they want balance. They need people. They will listen to what you have to say, and tell you what they are thinking; gently or otherwise. Two very diffrent people, John lennon and Margaret Thatcher, were Librans. SCORPIO: Scorpios are intense, funny, wise and very private. It is ruled by Pluto, the lord of the underworld. There is always more going on under the surface, and they will only let you in when trust is established to their satisfaction. They know how to keep a secret, as they have some of their own. They are capable of deep involvement in their chosen field. They can set themselves up as judge and jury and punish themselves unnecessarily. SAGITTARIUS: With Sagittarius the glass is always half full. They are larger than life, and honesty to them is very important, so they are seekers of truth. They love freedom and will not be happy with a ball and chain around their foot. The wise ones see freedom everywhere and are content to do what needs to be done without being angry or depressed about it. They need to explore life either through study or travel. They can be surprisingly open or resistant to exploring the unknown. As children they like to do it their way, and any amount of coaxing won't work. Frank Sinatra (I did it my way) was a Sagittarius. CAPRICORN: Capricorn is a hard working earth sigh with is ruled by the planet saturn. Capricorn improves with age, some say they are born old and grow young. They can be serious and take their duties very seriously. They will work on what needs to be done, sometimes they need to relax and have fun. They are ambitious and usually suceed in whatever they put their minds to. Every one benefits from having a capricorn friend; they are loyal. AQUARIUS: Aquarius is a quirky sign always looking forward to new ideas and sometimes love any type of gadget which amuses and inspires then. They are ruled by uranus, the planet associated with sudden change and innovation, They are very concerned with the care of humans and make great helpers and healers. They like to do their own thing in their own way. They can be seen to be different from others, like they march to the sound of their own drum. We are now in the age of aquarius and look about you to see where sweeping changes in our world are taking place. They lead and others can follow. PISCES: Pisces is a water sign ruled by neptune. They love ease, glamour, and spiritual life. They have a sometimes dreamy look in their eyes as if remembering some distant shore. They are artistic and yet some of them choose to be practical in their approach to life, like being an accountant or business person. Yet when you engage with them they will tell you they like clarity. Underneath, they like to create a magical world in which they like to live. If you can join them there in silence and quiet times they can sooth your soul. Gentle and flowing is their world. So don't try to impress to much of your version of reality on them. They may just look at you amazed and confused. Elizabeth Taylor was a very wonderful example of their extraordinary shimmering beauty and talent.

Next week I will write about the planets and what powers they hold for you.

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