Wednesday 13 December 2017

Returned emigrant is feeling unsettled

Terri I am feeling a bit unsettled at present. I have returned home to Ireland (small town in west Cork) after living in America for the past 42 years. I had to return for family reasons â?” Ireland is not the country I left back in 1969. I feel like a fish out of water.

For the first 30 years I lived in the New York/boston area and the last 12 years in California. I loved it there â?” the weather, lifestyle etc.

Now that I am home I really have to reajust.

My date of birth is 17/july/1939 at 10: 15am in Bantry. Hopefully, you can throw some light on my life at present.

Jim B. Jim, As you know, you are an Cancerian, with the moon in Cancer. This gives you a very strong link to your roots, and no matter how long you have been away (42 years) you may be surprised at how well you adjust back in your homeland. When you left Ireland that was a wonderful time to go out into the world to find what you needed for your life at that time.

Then 42 years later, at a surprisingly important astrological time (it was half of a full Uranus cycle, which is 84 years) you make a move , although prompted by family commitments. to return to your place of origin with all the knowledge, wisdom and life experience you bring back with you; to share with those you meet.

There is a strong Libra influence now in you chart, the need to relate is strong within you; and to rest, relax and to settle into your new home.

Your instincts are excellent and the timing of this move is excellent also. Enjoy your new domicile, it brings to mind how the salmon and some animals make their way home after years away.

This is a powerful return may you have peace in your heart.


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