Tuesday 20 February 2018

Mallow's draconian parking regime is folly

Dear Sir, I recently had the privilege of visiting Kenmare, Co Kerry one mid-week morning.

The streets, shops and businesses were busy with commerce and there was a lively buzz to the place, particularly welcome in the present economic climate. All was facilitated by two hours free parking, even in the centre of that attractive and prosperous town. Contrast the situation on my return to Mallow ... the streets were quiet, with many empty parking spaces even on the main thoroughfares. The reason, of course, is not just the recession, but the draconian parking measures implemented by our town council. Our town council has privatised parking in Mallow and in their wisdom has selected the very company which just last January did not have their contract renewed with Cork City Council; the reason being, of course, that their enforcement of parking enraged residents and visitors alike. They have had an unlamented departure from the city only to find a new home in Mallow. How our town council could not learn from the bitter experience of our near neighbours is beyond the wit of any rational person. A vibrant and prosperous town needs at its centre a strong shopping and commercial heart. Residents and visitors alike need to feel welcome in the centre of our town, otherwise they will, and are, going elsewhere. A town without a vibrant centre becomes a suburb, a mere adjunct to somewhere else. Is it too much to hope that even at this stage the town council will reconsider the folly of their present policy? It is not beyond human ingenuity to devise a system that regulates parking and at the same time extends a warm Mallow welcome to all who would come to the centre of our town to spend their hard earned money. It should be apparent to the council and all the citizens of Mallow that a private sector parking company have their own interests, and not of our town and its people, at heart. Yours sincerely, Richard Trayer,

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