Friday 20 April 2018

Lacking self confidence? Go get more

With Emily Hurley-wilkinson

ARE your feelings easily hurt?

Do you regularly feel the need to change many things about yourself ?

Do you usually expect to fail before you start?

Maybe you find it difficult to express your opinions or feel uncomfortable in social settings? Sound familiar? Isn't it true that it's not who you are that is holding you back but who you think you're not? Most people can achieve great things if they had more self- belief ! Yet many people don't; they sit in front of their television hiding behind their fears, letting life slip by never achieving their full potential.

Too many people give up on their aspirations that they would have once had. They simply stop trying because they don't believe they have the confidence to achieve. For others who try at first, an obstacle or two is enough, and they too throw in the towel believing that they just do not have what it takes.

Where have you given up along the way? Will you settle for being dissatisfied and continue to convince yourself that your dreams and goals are not possible?

A person with low confidence may have a tendency to be hard on themselves, frequently setting unrealistic goals and standards for themselves leading to more self - doubt. However, those who are willing to learn the skills to confidence will find fulfilment and a terrific sense of achievement as the reality of living their best life becomes clearer.

A lack of confidence may manifest itself in many ways and difficulties might arise at home, at work, with superiors, with friends, in social situations, with loved ones, or dealing with day-to-day matters such as shopping, doctors' appointments, and parent meetings as a result. In order to break this pattern of negative behaviour, you need to have a positive outlook on life and a sense of your own self- worth.

In the first instance you need to be clear about your rights and your responsibilities. If, as a child, you were constantly criticized at home or at school, you may doubt your value as a person and have a negative approach to life.

To begin the process of developing confidence, begin to identify your rights as a human being. Be 'aware' of your right to strive for what you want, your right to express your opinions, your right to say no, your right to make mistakes and your right to grow and develop.

Critical to this process also, is to change the image you have of yourself and the internal daily chatter that consumes your mind. You may be programming yourself for failure every day unconsciously.

Self Confidence carries energy, it's dynamic, and it's something you can sense about a person when entering a room. It's evident through body language and speech. You don't have to be born with it. It is important for people to know that they can create Self Confidence.

Every person is capable of learning the skills to confidence and assertiveness. It's like most things. It can be learned.