Sunday 22 April 2018

Five top tips for balanced living

with Emily Hurley-wilkinson

DO you feel like you're caught in the hamster wheel of life and getting nowhere? Life management is a universal challenge that we all struggle with but it does not have to be an impossible feat.

The first point of control starts with you in being more self-aware. By our human condition we are creatures of habit. However, all too often many of us become slaves to our habits and get swept away by the busyness of life. Life management means attending to your multidimensional self on a regular basis. This will enable you to find ways to blend all your priorities so that you can have a meaningful experience with each. We so often forget that our wellbeing, happiness and success are a combination of many parts of our self working in harmony. Of course, priorities will shift as your circumstances change, but as long as you remain clear about what your priorities are and remain committed to honouring them, then living a more fulfilled and balanced life becomes possible. Emily's Top 5 Life Skills for Balanced Living Do a Life Audit — You cannot change what you do not acknowledge! By assessing each area of your life you will be able to visually bring to your attention the areas of your life that most need attention. Once acknowledged you can then take action. Manage Your Energy — Begin the practice of scheduling mini breaks at specific times throughout your day. Intermittent breaks for renewal will support the 'Ultradian Rhythm' - your body's natural relaxation response - which will result in higher and more sustainable performance. Prioritise Your Time — Take an honest look at your To Do list. How many things are listed because they 'should' be done versus 'Must' be done. We often complicate our lives because we develop fears of what others might think if we say No. Learn how to focus on the 'must's of your life first and get some assertiveness coaching. Balance Your Attitude — Notice how you experience life. Are you caught up in a crisis mentality always reacting negatively to events? Are you problem or solution focused? Much of our chaos and stress that we feel is partly to do with how we think. Our interpretation of our experiences will determine how we feel at any given moment. You have the power to choose how your interpret life events, your thoughts and reactions. Remember people always perform at their best in every aspect of their life when their disposition is positive. Eliminate Time Thieves — Do a time inventory at regular intervals to identify your habits of behaviour that are stealing quality time and energy away. We all have them but usually are not always aware of them and so rarely take time to confront them! Discover what percentage of your time is spent on Non Important Non Urgent stuff. Well balanced and productive people spend much of their time doing Important Non Urgent tasks and they always use a time planner to help them achieve this.