Tuesday 21 November 2017

Enjoy the fruits of your labours

Dear Terri,

All is really very well in my life, my career and relationship. However, I have big plans for my future and am wondering what my future holds.

I was born on Christmas Day, 25/12/1982, I will be 30 next birthday. Thank you, Noeleen

Dear Noeleen,

You are a Capricorn, a sign of strength and ambition.

The last two years you have been dealing with Pluto in you sun sign and this was clearing away the old to make room for the new. A new you, so to speak — clearing away the doubts in your mind so your big plans can begin to come into their own.

Like the mountain goat (the symbol of your sign) you have been climbing to the top of the mountain, which takes effort.

Don't look back in fear but keep moving forward with a swift motion. You have come to a place of ease (Capricorns sometimes worry when the going gets easy).

There are no hidden problems. You have found a balance between your home and work life, enjoy it. You deserve it. Enjoy your life. Terri

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