Tuesday 25 June 2019

Attacks on vulnerable bring us to a new low

We sank to a new low last week when a man with special needs was targeted, threatened and viciously assaulted by a gang of thugs in Dublin.

Thirty-one year old Paul Deaton was set upon while he was taking photos.

Not only was he assaulted, those responsible threatened to rape him and set him on fire.

This sickening incident is a sad reflection on society when these bullies, or criminals rather, get such a kick out of harming someone who is vulnerable.

Like any gang of bullies, not one stood up and decided enough was enough. They followed their ringleader like lambs and stood by as an innocent person was violated.

They mocked and laughed at Mr Deaton as they recorded him on their phones. Is there anything more disgusting?

Attacks such as these would test anyone's faith in humanity.

They reflect a distinct lack of empathy and respect towards the most vulnerable in society.

These thugs thought, just because they could, it would be okay to carry out this appalling attack and their actions have now left a young man traumatised.

There is something seriously wrong with anyone who does this sort of thing for kicks and while it might not be a big deal for them it leaves a lasting mark on the victim.

Falling victim to such an attack is not easily overcome and the memory will never fully fade.

All over Ireland vulnerable people are at the mercy of such monsters both directly and indirectly every single day-older people whose homes are burgled, or those who are victims of unprovoked assaults.

These crimes might appear to be on the lower end of the spectrum but if they are tolerated and those responsible are not punished then they are free to do the same, or worse again in the future.

The level of violence in society today appears to be spiralling out of control more than ever before.

Even the quickest scan of online news every morning generally yields a variety of all sorts of tragic criminal acts and we are all becoming dangerously immune to them.

We have come to expect that these events will happen and that they are part of everyday life. Matters like water charges will get people out on the streets but issues that threaten all of us are conveniently ignored.