Wednesday 22 November 2017

Appreciate the mother in you

With Emily Hurley-wilkinson

THIS Sunday, March 18 celebrates Mother's Day. What are you planning to do to acknowledge and appreciate the 'mother' in your life? Before I ever became a mum I used to look at my mother with appreciation for all that she had done for me and my siblings. When I eventually became a mum, my appreciation for her took on a new level of growth. I look at her now in awe and with great admiration for her enduring commitment to her family. Becoming a mother brings a whole range of wonderful and precious experiences but it can also be a time of high stress! Nothing can prepare the 'girl' within us all for the sheer relentless nature of motherhood! Sleepless nights, tantrums, endless childhood ailments not to mention the continuous demands and endless things to do! The cocktail of glamour and lazy days of doing nothing is soon replaced with tiredness & tension and a scramble to find time to relax and unwind. As a mother, we instinctively put ourselves at the end of the line, putting the needs and demands of everyone else first. The following are some simple but powerful tips and techniques for any mothers out there that could do with taking some 'me time' to re-energise and revitalise.

Rebalance Yourself – It is so easy to lose your head in the midst of all the demands and tantrums. We often become reactive and ruled by our emotions. When this happens our ability to assess situations clearly can become clouded which often results in us experiencing more stress and chaos. Learn to breathe deeply from the abdomen. Thousands of people are breathing incorrectly without awareness of this and as a result become more stressed and overwhelmed. Taking time to stop and breathe slowly and deeply is so simple but very powerful. Inhale slowly through your nose for a count of 5 and release slowly through pursed lips, exhaling for longer for at least a count of 8 out.

Avoid Comparing Yourself – When you feel challenged and overwhelmed avoid comparing yourself to other mums. You would be surprised by how many other mums feel the same; even those mums you might think have perfect lives and perfect kiddies! Talking to someone you trust can offer a great sense of release and help you to see a new perspective.

Know your limitations – much of our own stress is self induced driven by our need to be liked and accepted. Learn to say 'no' without guilt. Adults will learn to appreciate your honesty and your kids will learn boundaries

Don't forget the family pet – Pets are a fantastic stress reducer! Stroking the family cat, for example, can lower blood pressure and walking the family dog can help increase your body's own natural happy chemicals – endorphins. Even watching your gold fish can relax you. 'Mum' may be small in words but it truly carries a big meaning for us all. Take time to nourish, appreciate and love the mother in your life and that includes yourself.

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