Tuesday 23 January 2018

What we hear in people's homes

WHEN members of the Society go on home visits they experience at first hand the desperation felt by families who are struggling to make end meets.

The following are some of the comments they hear from these families on a depressingly regular basis:

"We're always watching the pennies".

"You have absolutely nothing left on a Wednesday morning."

"You have to be a member of the fridge force" - a mother explaining that she has to watch the fridge so the children won't eat tomorrow's lunch.

"When you can't afford to dress your kids, or buy a new pair of shoes".

"We can't afford to feed the kids on a nutritious diet"

"We have sleepless nights over bills, moneylenders and the rent".

"We can't afford to heat the house".

"We dread the sight of the postman."

"When Christmas, Easter, birthdays weddings or any other occasion means lack of money".

"Improving my home is only a dream".

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