Tuesday 12 December 2017

We would rather pay property tax through wages

REBEL folk would rather their property tax was deducted from their pay as opposed to the Revenue dipping in and taking it.

A survey undertaken by said while the majority of its respondents intended to comply with the property tax requirements, many were, however, concerned with suggestions in relation to the assessment of property values by the Revenue.

The respondents, when asked about the method of payment, 42% would prefer to pay it by credit/debit card, while 21% would like to pay it incrementally by direct debit, with just 15% opting for the cash option.

The respondents ranged from all ages, gender and backgrounds. However, 122,500 Cork householders said they would prefer the money to be deducted from their salary as opposed to the Revenue taking it.

According to Barry Flanagan of, "65% of those surveyed did not seem to have a problem with the suggestion that the money be taken from their wages."


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