Saturday 16 December 2017

We have six weeks to tear down this faded beauty

THE Duhallow Park Hotel which shut its doors eight years ago is set to be "knocked to the ground" over the next six weeks.

Sean Kelly of Kelly Brothers, Ballydesmond has secured the contract for demolishing the hotel.

"At the moment we are taking out the various pipes as well as the kitchens, carpets and doing a clearing out of the inside of the hotel," Mr Kelly told The Corkman last Friday. "There is a lot of work to be done before we get to the final demolishing stage, which we aim to have done in about six weeks."

He said that his staff on the site are also doing some recycling work of materials from the site.

When asked about the condition of the inside of the hotel, he said that, considering it had been closed for eight years and had been left idle, that its condition wasn't "too bad."

"The flat roof was leaking all right in the hotel, but again when any building, be it a hotel or otherwise, which is not lived in, then time will creep up on it," said Mr Kelly.

He said in the next few weeks, he will be bringing in heavier machinery to deal with the heavier, bulkier de-construction work.

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