Wednesday 22 November 2017

Water shouldn't be in hands of private company – O'Flynn

THAT was the view of Independent hopeful MEP Diarmuid O'Flynn.


"Nothing in life is for free, apart perhaps from the air we breathe, though the way things are going, that may not last either." the 'Ballyhea Says No' campaigner and Europeam Parliament candidate said this week. "Anything any government provides is paid for from revenue raised through taxes. "

He argued that as a return on taxes, a supply of water should be provided as a right for every family, as a fundamental right.

"At present there are resistance groups forming right across the country to prevent the installation of water meters, Cork being the standout battleground. Not alone do I praise those taking that stand, I take my hat off to them and, had I the time, I would be there standing with them," he said.

He said that good people have a duty to oppose bad law.

"That's how we won emancipation in 1829, how we won freedom in 1916-21, and it's how slavery was abolished world-wide and how apartheid was ended in South Africa," he said.


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