Monday 20 November 2017

Unmuzzled bulldog man told gardai to 'f*** off'

A MAN who told a garda to 'f**k off' when asked why his two dogs were not muzzled has had his case adjourned until September.

Edmund Finn of Linden Hill, Mitchelstown appeared before Fermoy District Court on two charges of having dogs in public with no muzzles, two charges of having no dog licences and one of using threatening and abusive behaviour.

The court heard that the 24-year-old was walking his two unmuzzled Staffordshire Bull Terriers along Cahir Hill in Mitchelstown when he was approached by garda Rosemary O'Connell.

"When she spoke to Finn he told her to f**k off and walked away. When gardai approached him a second time he told them they were only f**king p**cks," said Inspector Tony O'Sullivan.

This resulted in him being charged under the public order act.

The inspector said that Finn had 16 previous convictions for assault, drugs and public order related offences but none in relation to dogs. He said that licences were subsequently taken out for both animals.

Solicitor Barry Murphy said his client was pleading guilty to all charges.

"He is a 23-year-old man who has previously been before this court and who is currently under the care of the probation service. There is a probation report due in September and another matter coming up in July," said Mr Murphy.

"Perhaps all of the matters could be dealt with as part of the report in September," he added.

Adjourning the case, Judge Murphy granted a legal aid application in respect of the public order charge, which could potentially result in a jail sentence upon conviction.


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