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Twinning group celebrates 30th


Millstreet's strong links with Pommerit le Vicomte has maintained a highly successful twinning with the Britanny base over the past 30 years and three decades of involvement were celebrated at a function in the Wallis Arms Hotel.

From a formal twinning in 1985, key areas of mutual interest have been developed and copperfastened over the years. The process surfaced as a result of the vision and hard work of so many people with two communities journeying together in times of many changes.

Millstreet Twinning President Ann Keane spoke of the positive feedback to the special hosting.

"Last August, a group from Millstreet visited Pommerit where all associated applauded the vision and hard work of so many people. We also decided to have a get together locally with people involved down through the years", said Ann.

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"It's a terrific social evening, hearing the stories, sharing memories, photographs, memorabilia and gifts received over the years".

Those at the current helm praised the concept and the work undertaken towards achieving and maintaining links between Millstreet and Pommerit.

"Time flies, we're indebted to so many people, no longer with us. Thankfully, we 're keeping the flag flying and hopefully we will continue to do so", said Ann.

"A lot of the personnel that were present at the inaugural of twinning remain involved. There are areas of mutual interest such as a Pipe Band in Millstreet and Bagad in Pommerit, the intention is these and other links will be continued into the future".