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Trucker's arm re-attached by surgeons

SURGEONS at the Cork University Hospital have reattached the arm of a Muskerry based haulier after it was sliced off in a horrific workplace accident last Tuesday morning.

John Dineen, who runs a livestock haulage company based in Ballymakeera, is in the intensive care unit at the CUH following the delicate surgery to reattach his arm.

A source at the hospital said it was too early to say how successful the operation had been.

"Medical staff will be monitoring the situation over the coming days. It may even take weeks before they discover how successful the operation has been."

It is believed that Mr Dineen was loading animal feed from a conveyor machine into a truck at Dan O'connor Feeds in Limerick when the accident occurred at approximately 8am on Tuesday morning.

Staff at the plant were said to be in shock following the incident.

It is believed that Mr Dineen may have dropped something into the conveyor machine and instinctively reached in to the recover it.

Mr Dineen was rushed to the Mid-western Hospital in Limerick following the incident and then on to the CUH where a surgical team began work on reattaching his arm, which was believed to have been severed below the elbow.

Mr Dineen, who is from Ardagh in Limerick, is married with children.

A section of the Limerick plant was closed down on Tuesday to allow gardai and officials from the HSA to undertake separate investigations into the incident.