Sunday 22 April 2018

The girls are starting to reap the rewards

WITH the Mind, Body and Soul Challenge now in its fourth week, the four female participants give their impressions on how it is progressing for them. ELEANOR MCMAHON: "I can see changes occurring in many different aspects of my life. While the physical change is slow, I am noticing other slight changes such as my clothes becoming looser and my double chin slowly disappearing!

"The biggest thing is that my fitness level has increased. On my first trip to Paul's Gym I honestly thought I would be leaving in an ambulance. Now I feel a lot more able for the challenges.

"The self worth I get from the work outs is immense and I feel really proud every time I complete a session." EMER POWER: "The weight is coming off slowly but surely. I've grown to enjoy the sessions at Paul's gym, with Paul making each one a challenge.

"The weekly yoga session with Pat is so relaxing and helps soothe those aching muscles after the gym.

"Our nutritionist Donna has given us a very workable diet and we're all doing our best with making healthy changes.

"After my meeting with life coach Emily I am making some positive changes to my life in general and she has given me some goals to work on for the future." ANN KELLEHER: "When I started the challenge I did not know what I had let myself in for - three weeks later and the change in diet and regular exercise have made vast changes to my life.

"I have learned to read food labels when shopping, to make more healthy food choices and to be more adventurous when cooking.

"I look forward to my visits to the gym and, while they are hard going, I am finding I can do more and go that little bit further.

"I enjoy meeting with the rest of the group how they are doing and to offer support and encouragement to each other." LORRAINE O'SULLIVAN: "The weight is moving nice and steady, and I'm down in inches so the jeans are fitting better. The first two weeks of the diet were hard, but I'm now eating smaller portions and have reorganised my surroundings so I have the foods that are better for me at hand. I feel much more in control of my diet, so thank you to, Donna, for that.

"Paul is making us work hard in the gym and while it is getting harder each week I am enjoying the challenges and the motivational talks he gives us.

"I am also enjoying the yoga and the Emily has taught me to take more time out for myself to relax, plan out what I need to do to achieve my goals and have faith in myself.

"There is a great gang of us and we are giving brilliant support to each other."

Next week Denis and Bill will give an update on their progress.