Thursday 14 December 2017

'The extra pair of eyes is a great comfort'

Nora May Kelleher has had the system since Christmas.
Nora May Kelleher has had the system since Christmas.
Pat O’Connor, left, and Maurice Buckley of ADA Security in Rockchapel.

A SPRIGHTLY Rockchapel native who has had motion sensors fitted in her home said she feels "safe and secure," knowing they will be activated if she ever fell or could not get out of bed.

When The Corkman met Nora May Kelleher, she was busy tending to her garden in the village.

"I salute them [sensors] in the morning when I get up as I know I have an extra pair of eyes on me and it's just great," she said.

"If something happened to me; for example, if I fell, then I would know that the monitors will pick up on this and my phone would start to ring from a person at the monitoring station. That is great comfort for me," she said.

Nora, who has two feisty dogs as well as cats, said the monitors do not cause her any bother as she doesn't have to do anything with them.

"You couldn't live in a better place in Ireland than Rockchapel and I have tremendous neighbours. These monitors now give me that extra bit of safety and security and for me that is very important," said Nora.

Nora had the motion sensors fitted in her bedroom, hallway, bathroom and in another back room of the house.

"If I went out and forgot to close the door, then they would pick up on this, too. Really now, isn't technology just marvellous," she said.


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