Saturday 17 March 2018

Tenants are given houses, but no keys

TENANTS allocated houses in an estate in Fermoy have yet to receive the keys to their new homes, despite being told last November their applications had been successful.

Speaking at this week's northern area meeting, Cllr Noel McCarthy (Lab) said it was unfair that the applicants had effectively been "left in limbo".

He pointed out that last November the Munster Cooperative housing Agency had even told the new tenants which houses they have been allocated on the Crann Ard estate.

"However, they have heard no more since then. Naturally they are concerned about what is happening, particularly after being told they would be in their new houses by the end of January at the latest," said Cllr McCarthy.

He said that, last Friday, the tenants received letters from the housing agency telling them that the delay was out of their control and that the fault lay with Cork County Council, who had not repaired the road in the estate or completed a snagging list of jobs.

"Having already had to wait three months, they are now concerned about how much longer they will have to wait," said Cllr McCarthy.

Cllr Kevin O'Keeffe (FF) also demanded answers, saying the situation reflected badly on the council. "I want to know who overstepped the mark here. Was it the agency in trying to go over the head of the council or did we not fulfil out commitment?" said Cllr O'Keeffe.

However, council official Angela Murphy said the repair of the road was the responsibility of the developer, not the local authority.

"I suppose we are the victims of trying to speed up this whole process by starting the selection process early in the expectation that once we got the keys the estate would be ready," she said.

"We have been working with the developer to get this work done and will make every effort to get this issue resolved as soon as possible," she added.