Monday 23 October 2017

Something has to be done about over-zoning for housing


MACROOM has a significant oversupply in the amount of land zoned for housing development, a senior county planning official has warned.

Patricia Griffin of Cork County Council issued the warning at last week's meeting of Macroom Town Councillors, where a variation to the town development plan was considered.

MS Griffin told councillors that the last plan for the town was adopted in 2009, and that a review should be underway, though the process is somewhat confused with the plans to scrap town councils.

"There is a significant oversupply of land in Macroom for housing. What happens there is a matter for another day, but it is a significant oversupply that will have to be addressed," she said.

Mayor Owen McCarthy (FF) asked if the housing zoning should be left as it is to allow for any pick-up in the construction industry.

"While we will never see the level of building like what we had in the boom, the time will probably come again in some shape or form when the zoning is needed," he said.

Ms Griffin said, should that eventuality arise, the council can always review the zoning arrangements.

Any changes to the town development plan will have to go to public consultation for a period of four weeks before they can be adopted.

However, up the road in Co Kerry, where land 'dezoning' has been ongoing for almost two years, builders and developers have pointed out that thay have lost tens of millions of euro